Ryka Studio D

The Ryka Studio D has become one of the most popular brands of footwear for doing the Zumba. It gives the highest degree of comfort and stability for performing the fast-paced Zumba workouts. Ryka shoes are a brand that has been designing quality footwear exclusively for women. This type of Ryka shoes offers mild traction which is essential for all the jumping and gliding movements which you may need to do while engaging in a Zumba workout. The footwear comes with padded lining and a broad toe box offering lateral support which is strong enough to absorb impact and shocks. This is why the Ryka Studio D is highly recommended for all those who want super comfortable footwear because they experience frequent joint pains.

Why the need for special shoes for women: This popular shoe retailer rightly understood that shoes for men and women must be designed differently because there are some basic differences in the skeletal structure and shape of men and women’s feet. Women’s feet are typically narrower and smaller in size, softer as well as less muscular compared to men’s feet. Therefore when buying shoes for women, it is not enough to simply downsize a man’s shoe; women’s shoes have to be broader in the forefoot and narrower in the heels. Ryka had started manufacturing women’s athletic footwear way back in 1987 and has been consistently coming out with newer and more innovative footwear for them which exude both elegance and comfort.

Why should you choose the Ryka Studio D Model?

Ryka produce different kinds of footwear like walking and running shoes, cross-training shoes and studio shoes. It has come out with the studio shoes keeping in mind the requirements of the athletic instructor. This is why this shoe model offers maximum cushioning and shock absorption, support and stability.

Support: This is a low profile studio shoe which is sophistically designed in a way to offer great support to the user. There is Nitracel cushioning both for the forefoot and the heel. The design is such that it tends to run narrow. Therefore, you should buy half a size smaller than you normally purchase when you want a Ryka Studio D.

Comfort: There is a light padded collar which gives greater comfort. A combined layer of mesh and synthetic molding makes for an elegant design.

In view of these advantages it appears fair to conclude that the Ryka Studio D dance shoes are typically designed to help you perform high-impact aerobics. The leather-mesh layer at the top is lightweight and breathable. The sole has new HF welding and brilliant etching for maximum support. Since Zumba incorporates both fitness workouts and dance forms, ordinary dancing shoes may not be suitable. These cannot guarantee high shock absorption and tend to stick to the floor. Shoe manufacturers like Ryka, Sansha and Capezio have come out with innovative shoes for aerobic training. This is why these shoes offer lateral support, multi-directional sole support, comfort and mild traction so that gliding and pivoting becomes easy. You can also get the Ryka shoes for heavy discounts; so you should take time to select the pair you want.